Thursday, January 21, 2010

Welcome to Saya Sayang Dayang Blog

I started this blog because I feel that I have enough materials to start a blog about Dayang Nurfaizah (DN). She is currently my number one Malaysian singer. (Mariah Carey is still my number one singer in the world, but DN rules in term of local singler lah! Heheh! And my dream is to DN and Mariah in a duet! Is it possible?)

There are a handful of blogs/ websites about DN out there but I feel that they do not do justice to this favourite, talented artiste of mine. Most of them are outdated, unkept and simply boring. So, it's runwitme to the rescue....

I have always been a fan of DN since her Sayang Dayang Kamu CD hit the market in 2005. Frankly, I am not that familiar with her earlier materials. I like her sound - very sophisticated, urban and groovy. She is versatile. You can throw any genre at her and she still sounds amazing!

I still remember the first time I saw her peformance live. She was performing at the Malay Mail Big Walk 2005 at Padang Merbok, KL.

Here's the pics as proof. LOL! She sang two songs - Erti Hidup and Dayang Sayang Kamu.

In 2007, I met with a bunch of "die-hard" DN fans during her live performances and we been keeping in touch. We usually plan to meet up for DN show, take pictures with DN and then hang out together after show is over. I do get updates direct from Shaliza, DN's manager. So, when possible I would turn up to support DN at her public performances around Klang Valley.

DN is one of the nicest celebrity around. She is sweet, down to Earth and very appreciative of her fans. She looks fantastic on camera! So, you gonna get to see lots of DN pics in here!

For this blog, I have digged deep into my photo and video vault. Some are new stuff. Some are old stuff. You might be seeing some old stuff that I have posted on my main blog - Running With Passion or on YouTube (rwmvideovault).

I hope you will enjoy reading this blog. Please come back for updates, or better follow this blog.


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