Monday, May 31, 2010

Adi Wins Battle No. 2 of Mentor 4 Concert

CONGRATULATIONS to Adi and Dayang Nurfaizah for winning the battle No.2 in the Mentor 4 Concert yesterday @ MBSA Auditorium.

Adi owned the night by scoring 37 points, leaving behind Ayim (32) and Mohd (31). Muahahahaha!

Check out the winning performance here....

Watch Adi serenades Malaysian supermodel Tengku Azura to sleep. Luckily no members of the audience were put to sleep with the brilliant cover of Faizal Tahir's Selamat Malam.

What you see here is the "uncensored" version. :) Very different from what you see on TV, OK? Heheh!

Next, a no frills, yet effective performance - showcasing just the amazing vocals of the brother and sister combo! I think they did justice to the original song by Anuar Zain and Camelia. Syabas to both Adi & Ila!


We were NOT very happy of the marks given by the so called Juri Awam. Macam mana SEMUA protege boleh dapat markah yang sama 12? Tak ada logika betul!

Did the juri awam clueless about what they were supposed to do or did they come just for the TV3 goodie bags? You were there to judge, bukan duduk atas pagar! So buka mata besar-besar and pasang telinga kuat-kuat. :P

Note: These videos are for promotional purpose only. Since they are fanmade video, the pictures and sound quality are NOT the same as what you get on your TV screen.

If you missed the live performance, please go to to watch the performances. (It may takes a while for TV3 to upload them but it will be there).

Jangan lupa untuk vote for ADI in the next battle, OK? We heard Adi is going to duet with a famous singer from a famous group...*hint* with 8 legs?

We will post some of pics from the MBSA Auditorium soon. Please comeback for updates!

Selamat Menyambut Hari Gawai from Dayang Nurfaizah & Adi

Monday, May 24, 2010

Dayang Nurfaizah & Yasin @ Mentor 4 (23 May 2010)

Saya sempat mengambil gambar Dayang Nurfaizah & Yasin di ruang legar di luar Auditorium MBSA semalam, selepas Konsert Mentor 4, Battle Kumpulan A.

Dayang hadir untuk support Adi yang tampil semalam, berduet dengan Protege Azmeer, Nani. Yasin pula ada di sana untuk menjadi juri pro Mentor 4 bersama Aubrey Suwito.

Menurut Dayang, beliau akan terbang ke Indonesia bulan awal Jun depan untuk sesi latihan bersama band Marcell untuk Konsert Sayang Dayang - Marcell di Singapura. Wow! Pasti gempaq konsert itu nanti!

Inilah message Dayang kepada peminat semua. Pergilah beramai-ramai ke Konsert Sayang Dayang - Marcell, Singapura Jun 11 ini!


Friday, May 21, 2010

New Pics from Dayang Nurfaizah Sayang Album Cover Shoot

We just got some new pics from Dayang album cover shoot at Belum-Temengor Forest & Belum RainForest Resort, Pulau Banding, Perak. Glam and nature! :)

What do you think?

To check out more photos from the shoot, please click HERE. But please make sure you're a Fan of Dayang Nurfaizah Facebook Page first. :)

Dayang Nurfaizah @ Adi Mentor 4's Birthday Surprise

Dayang Nurfaizah surprised her protege, Adi at @Bsync Studio. Adi celebrated his 23rd birthday among the Mentor 4 contestants on 20 May 2010.


Feeding time. Ila (Mentor 4 Group A) feeding her brother some cake!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ADI. Semoga Panjang Umur & Murah Rezeki!

For more photos, please be a fan of Dayang Nurfaizah FaceBook Fan Page and click HERE.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Audio: Hilang (It's Too Late) Dayang Nurfaizah, Diddy Hirdy & OneRepublic Mash Up

One title, two singers and one crazy mash-up!

Trivia: Hilang by Dayang Nurfaizah and Hilang By Diddy are two different songs but from the same songwriter and producers, Audi Mok. The mash up is done by DJ Cybersonique.

You can download this mash-up at the remixer's own blog here:

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Dayang Nurfaizah Sayang Album Cover Shoot

Here are some pics from the shoot. "Cilok" from Dayang FB Page. Heheh!

The location? Belum-Temengor Forest & Belum RainForest Resort, Pulau Banding, Perak. We think the place is beautiful and hope to visit it one day. :)

Sayang The Album is due to drop in July 2010! (Insert bated breath here!)

Are you excited about the new album?

To check out more photos from the shoot, please click HERE. But please make sure you're a Fan of Dayang Nurfaizah Facebook Page first. :)

Dayang Nurfaizah & Marcell Konsert Sayang, Singapore

What? Konsert Sayang Dayang Nurfaizah - Marcell

When? 11 June 2010 (Friday)

Where? Esplanade Theatre, Singapore.

Tickets are priced at 48, 68, 88, 108 and 120. That is in Sing Dollar ya. It's X RM2.3. :)

Tickets will be available 24 May onwards at Sistic outlets

For those fans who can't wait for the concert, here's something for you to look forward to June 11!

It's a sensual and rousing duet by Dayang & Marcell recorded at Hard Rock Cafe KL last March. Don't say I didn't warn you! :D


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

News: Dayang serenades the nurses

POPULAR singer Dayang Nurfaizah charmed the nurses at the Columbia Asia hospital in Seremban with her friendly banter and an impromptu performance during her visit to the medical centre in conjunction with Nurses’ Day recently.

Dayang, who was invited by the hospital’s management as a treat for the nurses, won them over with a soulful rendition of her hit song Dayang Sayang Kamu.

“This is my first ever Nurses’ Day performance and I’d be happy to do it again. I feel honoured to have been invited.

“I’m glad I got the chance to entertain the nurses, it may only have been for a little while but I hope I put smiles on their faces,” she said, adding it was important to remember the contributions and sacrifices nurses made to society.

Some 200 nurses at the hospital, support staff and even patients took the opportunity to snap pictures with the singer during her visit.

Fan club: Dayang Nurfaizah singing during her visit as the happily snapped photographs of her.

Dayang joined the nurses in cutting a cake to commemorate the day-long celebration and later toured the hospital’s wards bringing cheer to patients.

Delivery room charge nurse P. Kala said Dayang’s visit was one she would cherish as the singer displayed genuine warmth and concern for the nurses.

“Dayang was very down-to-earth, very friendly. She cheered us up with her laughter, it was definitely a wonderful Nurses’ Day celebration with her presence,” she said.

Hospital general manager Lee Hui Chuen said Nurses’ Day was celebrated annually to recognise and remember the crucial role nurses played in healthcare services.

“Two-thirds of our staff members are nurses and their services are invaluable to us and we want them to know their hard work is appreciated.

“Nurses are always taking care of patients’ needs and listening to their complaints, a break like this definitely cheers them up,” she said adding that the nurses at the hospital were well trained to provide excellent care to patients.

Lee said nursing was a growing field and nurses at Columbia were given the opportunity to improve themselves through further studies.

“There are plenty of opportunities for our nurses, in fact the general managers of two hospitals in our group (Columbia) are former nurses. That speaks volumes of their capabilities,” she said.

Refreshments were also served throughout the day for the nurses, doctors and support staff at the hospital.

Nurses’ Day is celebrated worldwide on May 12 on the birthday of Florence Nightingale.

Source: The Star Monday May 17, 2010

Monday, May 17, 2010

Mentor 4: Group B Battle (16 May 2010)

Wow! It was a hawt duet performance by Mentor Dayang Nurfaizah and her protege, Adi yesterday night! I am still recovering from it. I bet most of the DN fans at MBSA are also recovering from sore throats from all the screaming and sing-a-long! Heheh!

The show opened with a shocking news that Ziana Zain had kicked out her protege, Thalia and replaced her with Mohammad within 48 hours.

The reason given on air was "Thalia not ready". Well, we heard all sort of juicy stories at the auditorium and beyond but hey...this is not ZZ fan blog. So, we are not going to discuss it here. :P

Back to Dayang Nurfaizah....

Eh? How come Ally Iskandar held his mic like Mas Idayu? LOL!

It was Group B's turn to perform. (Adi, Ayim & Thalia Mohammad)

Each protege was given two performance slots. One solo and the other a duet with his/ her Mentor. Winner was determined by invited judges, a panel of public juries and sms votes.

For his solo act, Adi performed Lagu Kita, the same song he did during the Mentor 4 Press con. This time he had a live band and hundred of back up singers in the audience! Check it out!

Awesome isn't it? Especially the fan sing-a-long?

Fans of other proteges are just good for shouting! (pandai jerit-jerit sahaja). I found it very annoying especially during performances and during comments by the judges. Memekak tak habis!

Can't they just shut their effing mouths for a few minutes and listen (and allow others to enjoy) the performance?

I agree with the judges that Adi sounded a bit rushed in his song. Nervous, maybe? He ought to learn to relax abit in his next performance.

Now, let's watch the HAWT performance by Dayang Nurfaizah & Adi.

HAWT! HAWT! HAWT! No other comments. LOL!

BTW, the medley is a mash up of Seandainya Masih ada Cinta (DN), Nakal (Gigi) and Meri Jaan (Jay Sean).

Note: I hated the clothes Adi had on! I am not saying the jacket was ugly but it didn't match the glamourous and well-heeled look of Dayang Nurfaizah at all! The jacket belongs to some hangout points at the mall, not on the stage! Have mercy! Dayang, please help Adi with his wardrobe! :P

For ZZ fan, I got a video for you. Click HERE.

The boys later performed a medley of M. Nasir songs.

Winner announcement. Mus May - Ayim was declared the overall winner even though DN-Adi scored the highest mark in the performance. We need everyone to vote for DN-Adi! Pls vote!

As usual, Dayang Nurfaizah always makes a point to meet and greet her fans after her show.

One for the album.....But where is Adi??? :(

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Audio: Lil Secret - Liang feat Dayang Nurfaizah

This song is HAWT, isn't it? It's taken from the album Rigga.Dang.Digga.Digga (RDDD) by our very own R&B extraordinaire, Tan Chung Liang, better known as Liang.

Liang's sophomore album, After 8, which garnered two AIM awards in 2008 was discovered by the Japanese label Inpartmaint Inc. and has resulted in an exclusive distribution deal nationwide in the Land of the Rising Sun. RDDD was released last December.

Here's the excerpt of a interview with Liang featured in NSTonline.

The new album showcases the fun side of the natural performer featuring fresh sounds and collaborations with Dayang Nurfaizah, Juwita Suwito, Roshan of K Town Clan and Sayla.

Liang, a graduate with a degree in economics and management from the University of London, confesses that working with Dayang was a dream come true.

“This was really the icing on the cake for me. Seeing her lay down her distinctive vocals in the studio was magic.

“We recorded two versions, one in English and BM,” he says of his first single, Lil Secret.

Got excited already? Heheh!

According to Dayang Nurfaizah, the video for the song will start shooting in end of May. (Insert excited squeal here!)

Check out Liang at

Read the original article "Liang rising" HERE.

Trivia: Mas - Diego Gonzales (Original Version of Dayang Nurfaizah's Luka)

Do you know LUKA by Dayang Nurfaizah is a cover of a Spanish song?

Check out the original here. Feel free to sing along because I embeded the version with lyrics! :)


It would nice if Dayang Nurfaizah can sing the Spanish version in her live! :)

More trivia: Dayang Nurfaizah has recorded a song in Spanish called El Atadecer De La Luna in her Kasih album.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Cubit-cubit Sayang

Nyanyi elok-elok, Adi. Kalau tak, nanti rasakan penangan cubitan Dayang!

FYI, Dayang is famous for her tendency to pinch people! LOL!

Photos taken after the Konsert Pengenalan Mentor 4 @ MBSA, Shah Alam.

Dayang Nurfaizah dress was sponsored by FCUK!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Adi @ Konsert Pengenalan Mentor 4

Adi performed a cover of Wings "Sejati" in the introduction concert of Mentor 4 on 2 May 2010 @ Auditorium MBSA.

While the original is a slow rock song, Adi's version was distinctly different, taking the R&B route.

The song started with only Adi's vocal backed by minimal instruments, before progressing into a full blown pop R&B number. You like?

Personally, I think it was a strong debut for Adi, relying only on his vocal prowess to impress the audience. No need all those stripping, egg hatching, show stopping gimmick on stage! ;)

Can't wait for what Dayang will do to her protege this coming May 16! :)

Yes...that's the same what I called "Freddy Krueger sweater" he had on during the press con last week. Heheh!

Rocking with his sister!

Performing the theme song of the show. Tunjuk Ajarku Sifu.

From Left: Shaq, Ayim & Adi.

Strike a pose!

All the Mentor & Protege pairs on stage.

More after the show photos coming soon....Please comeback for updates!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Dayang Nurfaizah & Adi @ Konsert Pengenalan Mentor 4

After 2 months of nationwide search for the protege, now it's the time to meet the 6 proteges and 6 mentors...

Since this is a blog about Dayang Nurfaizah, the focus will be on her and her protege. :) So, fans of ZZ, Joe, Mus, Mummy and Azmeer, please forgive me of the lack of coverage here. :)

May 2, was also the AIM 17 Awards night where Dayang Nurfaizah was nominated for 3 awards, but I decided to go to Audtorium MBSA for Mentor 4 since Dayang Nurfaizah was there for her protege.

Dayang Nurfaizah was left out of the performers list in the AIM 17 for some unfathomble reasons! But maybe that was for the best - so that she could give her undivided attention for her protege, Adi.

Back to Mentor 4...

Dayang Nurfaizah dan Adi originated from the same area, Kuching, Sarawak. When asked, Dayang Nurfaizah explained that she didn't intentionally pick the Adi because both of them from the same area.

Adi was picked based on his talents but Dayang is proud nonetheless that he came from Sarawak.

Do you know that Dayang Nurfaizah is the youngest Mentor for this season? She is 29 this year.

But Ziana Zain claimed that she was even younger - 24. Ziana was surprised on stage by her family, TV3 crew and the Mentor 4 casts on stage with a LV bag shaped cake and birthday song! Check out the video HERE.

Apart from being the youngest, Dayang Nurfaizah is also known as the nicest Mentor around! No whips or chains. Well..not yet! :D

The 6 mentor-protege pairs were split into three for the coming shows. Dayang Nurfaizah, Ziana Zain and Mus May are selected to be in Group B.

Dayang and Adi will be making their appearance on May 16 at Audutorium MBSA again....

Note: To Dayang Nurfaizah and Adi's Fan, please look out for this banner at the Mentor 4 concert. Sit nearby and give your 100% support to DN & Adi!

More Adi debut TV performance photos tomorrow....Please come back for updates!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Dayang Nurfaizah (Mentor 4) @ KLCC

Those who commute to KLCC would have noticed the gorgeous billboard of TV3's Mentor 4 on the wall at KLCC LRT station. :)

Monday, May 3, 2010

Dayang Nurfaizah Wins Best Pop Album in AIM 17

I was happened to be with Dayang Nurfaizah and Adi at Mentor 4 show at MBSA when DN's manager, Liza received the good news over the phone.

Dayang Live album emerges a winner beating Tahajjud Cinta (Siti Nurhaliza), CTKD (Siti Nurhaliza & Kris Dayanti), Aku Stacy (Stacy) and Kronologi Cinta (Vince Chong).


Note: I am still miffed at the fact that Dayang Nurfaizah didn't given a chance to perform in AIM 17 show! :P

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Flash Back: Dayang Nurfaizah's Tribute Night 2008 @ Planet Hollywood

I returned from Cameron Highlands just in time for the show!

Brought a bouquet of pink roses for Dayang. I still remember that I dashed to the stage when Dayang was singing Umbrella to give her the flowers. :)

In this show, Dayang sang tributes to the musicians and performers who had inspired her in her music careers.

Here's an amazing cover of Justin Timberlake's Sexy Back done big band style and a DN-fied version of Outlandish's Callin' U.


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