Saturday, August 7, 2010

My Photo Collection: Party with Dayang @ Hard Rock Cafe KL

The low light condition in the club setting combined with multicolour spotlights could be a challenge to photographers. To make the matter worse, I could barely move an inch in my limited space as I am surrounded by hordes of Dayang fans at the back and the stage in front. I practically can't go anyhwhere. Hahah!

I hate the use of flash because it can be unflatteringly harsh and it kills the moods set by the ambiance lights. So, I decided to turn off the flash and pray hard...

Dayang is a joy to photograph! I love the way her face and her hair glows in the lights. She has that sweet yet sultry persona. Just like my favourite diva, Mariah Carey. Actually, Dayang hair style reminds me of Mariah. That butterfly ring reminds me of Mariah too. But of course Dayang has more clothes on than Mariah. Hahah!

Here's my personal photo collection of the amazing night. ENJOY!

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