Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Dayang Nurfaizah Sayang Album Cover Shoot

Here are some pics from the shoot. "Cilok" from Dayang FB Page. Heheh!

The location? Belum-Temengor Forest & Belum RainForest Resort, Pulau Banding, Perak. We think the place is beautiful and hope to visit it one day. :)

Sayang The Album is due to drop in July 2010! (Insert bated breath here!)

Are you excited about the new album?

To check out more photos from the shoot, please click HERE. But please make sure you're a Fan of Dayang Nurfaizah Facebook Page first. :)


  1. excited2.....tak sabar seyh! hehe

  2. I know! Dayang is recording her #6 song on 21 May!...


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