Monday, May 31, 2010

Adi Wins Battle No. 2 of Mentor 4 Concert

CONGRATULATIONS to Adi and Dayang Nurfaizah for winning the battle No.2 in the Mentor 4 Concert yesterday @ MBSA Auditorium.

Adi owned the night by scoring 37 points, leaving behind Ayim (32) and Mohd (31). Muahahahaha!

Check out the winning performance here....

Watch Adi serenades Malaysian supermodel Tengku Azura to sleep. Luckily no members of the audience were put to sleep with the brilliant cover of Faizal Tahir's Selamat Malam.

What you see here is the "uncensored" version. :) Very different from what you see on TV, OK? Heheh!

Next, a no frills, yet effective performance - showcasing just the amazing vocals of the brother and sister combo! I think they did justice to the original song by Anuar Zain and Camelia. Syabas to both Adi & Ila!


We were NOT very happy of the marks given by the so called Juri Awam. Macam mana SEMUA protege boleh dapat markah yang sama 12? Tak ada logika betul!

Did the juri awam clueless about what they were supposed to do or did they come just for the TV3 goodie bags? You were there to judge, bukan duduk atas pagar! So buka mata besar-besar and pasang telinga kuat-kuat. :P

Note: These videos are for promotional purpose only. Since they are fanmade video, the pictures and sound quality are NOT the same as what you get on your TV screen.

If you missed the live performance, please go to to watch the performances. (It may takes a while for TV3 to upload them but it will be there).

Jangan lupa untuk vote for ADI in the next battle, OK? We heard Adi is going to duet with a famous singer from a famous group...*hint* with 8 legs?

We will post some of pics from the MBSA Auditorium soon. Please comeback for updates!

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