Monday, May 17, 2010

Mentor 4: Group B Battle (16 May 2010)

Wow! It was a hawt duet performance by Mentor Dayang Nurfaizah and her protege, Adi yesterday night! I am still recovering from it. I bet most of the DN fans at MBSA are also recovering from sore throats from all the screaming and sing-a-long! Heheh!

The show opened with a shocking news that Ziana Zain had kicked out her protege, Thalia and replaced her with Mohammad within 48 hours.

The reason given on air was "Thalia not ready". Well, we heard all sort of juicy stories at the auditorium and beyond but hey...this is not ZZ fan blog. So, we are not going to discuss it here. :P

Back to Dayang Nurfaizah....

Eh? How come Ally Iskandar held his mic like Mas Idayu? LOL!

It was Group B's turn to perform. (Adi, Ayim & Thalia Mohammad)

Each protege was given two performance slots. One solo and the other a duet with his/ her Mentor. Winner was determined by invited judges, a panel of public juries and sms votes.

For his solo act, Adi performed Lagu Kita, the same song he did during the Mentor 4 Press con. This time he had a live band and hundred of back up singers in the audience! Check it out!

Awesome isn't it? Especially the fan sing-a-long?

Fans of other proteges are just good for shouting! (pandai jerit-jerit sahaja). I found it very annoying especially during performances and during comments by the judges. Memekak tak habis!

Can't they just shut their effing mouths for a few minutes and listen (and allow others to enjoy) the performance?

I agree with the judges that Adi sounded a bit rushed in his song. Nervous, maybe? He ought to learn to relax abit in his next performance.

Now, let's watch the HAWT performance by Dayang Nurfaizah & Adi.

HAWT! HAWT! HAWT! No other comments. LOL!

BTW, the medley is a mash up of Seandainya Masih ada Cinta (DN), Nakal (Gigi) and Meri Jaan (Jay Sean).

Note: I hated the clothes Adi had on! I am not saying the jacket was ugly but it didn't match the glamourous and well-heeled look of Dayang Nurfaizah at all! The jacket belongs to some hangout points at the mall, not on the stage! Have mercy! Dayang, please help Adi with his wardrobe! :P

For ZZ fan, I got a video for you. Click HERE.

The boys later performed a medley of M. Nasir songs.

Winner announcement. Mus May - Ayim was declared the overall winner even though DN-Adi scored the highest mark in the performance. We need everyone to vote for DN-Adi! Pls vote!

As usual, Dayang Nurfaizah always makes a point to meet and greet her fans after her show.

One for the album.....But where is Adi??? :(

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  1. Saya nak tanya ni,knapa Video Dayang dan adi tk dpt tmgok ye...?
    sya teringin sgt nk tngok lgu Duet mreka b'dua time Mentor 4 tue...
    Hope,di perbaiki lagi la.


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